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Ready for a new set of inputs on the Learning theme? This week we are focusing on the “WHERE”.
Currently, where does the learning process take place? Is it at the university campus? Will it be the same place in the future? Is it physical or virtual? Or both?
Unstudio defends that “learning is increasingly taking place in digital spaces, but those digital spaces still depend on physical infrastructure. Indeed, universities whose physical environments are based upon the traditional campus model (which clusters teaching, studying and residential spaces in one relatively dense area) remain the dominant support system for fostering education.” With this in mind, they have been developing this amazing Learning Platform where they share their research for new ways of working and learning, and how these may affect the office and campus models of the future.

1. Knowledge Platforms by UNSTUDIO
A platform that examines affinities within new ways of working and learning, and how these may affect the office and campus models of the future.

2. The Micro Campus: a new typology for distance learning
In this study, the UNSTUDIO imagines a new, hybrid educational typology that adjusts the traditional university campus model to meet the needs of distance learners.

3. Knowledge spaces: Envisioning the future architecture of knowledge creation
Take a look at this research project from The Berlage (integrated into the TU Delft) that aims to explore a set of relationships between the process of knowledge creation and spatial issues. They share the conclusions in the final article.

4. 10 Reasons Students Say They Prefer Learning Online
At iNacol’s recent online learning symposium, a panel of students explained how they felt about learning online. HUFFPOST shares some of the reasons these students shared to explain why they preferred this method of learning.

5. You can learn everything online except for the things you can’t
With a different point of view, WIRED shares an article explaining with an analogy why you can get all of the content online for free—but you won’t get the same thing as you get from going to college.

6. Any time, any place, any way
This article from The Guardian talks about what the future hold for learning.

How do you imagine the future place for learning?
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