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The act of remembrance is deeply connected to death.
Judaism provides for the yizkor service, the word meaning ‘he shall remember’ in Hebrew. Catholics light candles in church to remember those who have died. Many Africans set aside small portions of food at meals for near ancestors. In Japan, there are annual festivals dedicated to memorial rites.
Generally, a memorial tries to symbolize the meaning related to the history of an event or a person. In architecture too, symbolism provides some kind of meaning to the built form and it has got its own place within the memorial architecture.

1. 14 Famous Monuments and Memorial Buildings Around the World
To see the emotional power of architecture, one only needs to look to some of the world’s famous monuments and memorials. Here are 14 examples of it.

2. Memorial Architecture

3. The Collective Memory Of Space: The Architecture Of Remembering And Forgetting
The formation of national memory depends to a large extent on a nation’s success in constructing multiple commemorative forms: symbols, ceremonies and celebrations, museums and monuments, tradition, and cultural texts that provide symbolic arenas for narrating the nation. Zhivka Hristova focuses her thesis on the issues of public commemoration, remembering and forgetting traumatic events.

4. A Tomb with a View
Directed by Ryan J Noth, a short documentary on rethinking architecture for the dead: views from the world’s tallest cemetery.

5. The Aesthetics of Remembrance: Building Memory in Memorial Architecture
A short article that explores the aesthetics of remembrance, through the relationship between memory and memorial architecture.

6. 20 unique ways to remember a lost loved one
Whether it’s a cremation or a burial, there is a myriad of remarkable and unique ways in which you can celebrate a person’s life and here is a list of some uniques ways to do so!

7. Here Are 25 Ways To Honor The Memory Of Someone’s Life
No matter what your religious beliefs (or lack thereof), grieving after a loss is healthy and completely necessary.

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