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This week we are exploring the grieving process:
What do we do when we mourn? Do we need a physical space to mourn? How do we remember the dead? Perhaps our relationship and understanding of death can be changed with the help of architecture?

1. Can architecture console mourners as they experience the pain that accompanies grief?
Amsterdam architecture studio HofmanDujardin approached the subject with a concept design: the Funeral Ceremony Centre.

2. An Occupation of Loss: The Performance of Architecture and Grief
In collaboration with Shohei Shigematsu of OMA, artist Taryn Simon has created An Occupation of Loss, a spatial performance that continues her exploration on the notions of abstraction.

3. Can Architecture Heal Loss?
An exploration of the narrative that has sprung up around Toyo Ito’s third published work, White U (1976).

4. Burying and remembering the dead
We do not remember our dead privately or quietly, as for example, in prayers. Instead, we do so publicly and visibly, so that what we do (or do not do) can be noticed by the public. But how do we remember and commemorate our dead at public cemeteries?

5. Mapping grief
A conceptual framework for understanding the spatial dimensions of bereavement, mourning and remembrance. This article highlights the significance of the spatial dimensions of the universal human phenomena of bereavement.

6. Digital Mourning: Has Social Media Changed The Way We Grieve For Good?
It is said that by the end of this century the number of dead users on Facebook will outnumber the living. Increasingly people mourn the loss of their loved ones online. Are we thinking enough about the digital life we will leave behind us?

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And to touch all the bases, the winner of BUYING will be announced by the end of the month!

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