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None of us is truly prepared to accept the inevitable until the proverbial writing is on the wall. We spend our lives distancing ourselves from death. Yet to die is a natural part of the human condition.
Our language is rife with death-denying idioms, such as “six feet under” or “he/she passed away.” These idiomatic expressions explicitly avoid making direct reference to death. Through language, we can clearly see that our death-denying culture runs deep.
For the future, there needs to be a national dialogue about death. It needs to be a topic brought to the forefront of our common consciousness. But let’s explore more about it:

1. Hospice: A New Building /Type to Comfort the Dying
Lo-YiChan defends that how you confront the meaning of death and what you design will depend on what the dying say to you. A text from 1976, but it’s very much relevant for this discussion.

2. New ways to think about death
Death is a topic that is relevant to us all, and yet it simply isn’t pleasant to talk about. TED Talks have put together a full playlist that offers subtle reframes to help us face this fact of life more thoughtfully and with greater compassion.

3. Why Denying Death Means Denying Life
Psychologists, psychiatrists and anthropologists, have all identified our underlying, unconscious fear of death as the underlying force determining much of the way we live.

4. Are we a ‘death-denying’ society? A sociological review
Allan Kellehear analysis from the sociological point of view the concept of death-denying society.

5. When Dying Meets Denial
Jeanne Dennis believes that more often than not, denial serves and supports individuals and their families as they integrate the difficult business of death into their lives.

6. Why Do We Deny That It’s Our Nature to Die?
Have you ever considered that maybe moving from the farms to the cities have removed the fact of a natural death from our lives? Peter Lawler explains it all.

7. 10 People Who UNBELIEVABLY Cheated DEATH!
To loosen up a bit on the topic, Matthew Santoro presents us with some unbelievable events. It almost makes us wonder if these people have superpowers!

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