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The profound changes that our society faces require continuous and thoughtful adaptations of the education system to the emerging demands of learning. Higher education is not immune to this reality. Self-Organized Learning Environments (SOLE) is one of the innovative teaching proposals to encourage learning in the society of Information requiring Lifelong Learning.

1. Build a School in the Cloud
Sugata Mitra, an education scientist, first popularized the term Self-Organized Learning Environments in 1999. Hear his inspiring vision explaining why he believes in an innovative learning environment.

2. Here’s How Higher Education Dies
Adam Harris defends that despite we are living through the greatest time in history to be a learner, higher education has reached its peak. Read his article explaining why the industry may have nowhere to go but down.

3. Designing a university for the new millennium
Dr. Helfand developed a deep understanding of the problems of traditional universities, seizing an opportunity to redesign higher education from scratch. Watch his TEDtalk presented in a caricature perspective.

4. Introducing self-organized learning environments in higher education as a tool for lifelong learning
This academic article reflects on the issue of the relationship between formal education and learning, informal education and learning, and online education and Lifelong Learning.

5. Letting learning happen
Inspired by the TEDtalk from Sugata Mitra, Huffington Post writes that “schools… are caught up in a global battle of ideas. In many countries, education is at the forefront of political debate, and reformers desperate to improve their national performance are drawing examples of good practice from all over the world.”

6. The future of your career depends on lifelong learning
 refers to a lifelong learning as something essential for people to get training and develop new skills throughout their work life in order to keep up with changes in the workplace.

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