Hi there!!

You might have heard already that the Winners from the DYING competition will be announced on October 15th.
You really made sure you would give us and our jurors a hard time!
Talking about our jurors, have we introduced them? I don’t think so.
While we wait, why not show you the creative people that are at this very moment going through the finalist project and select both winners and honourable mentions?

Anna Citelli & Raoul Bretzel
The designers behind Capsula Mundi project. A burial pod which envisions a different approach to the way we think about death.

Yunil Nam
An artist and Architectural Designer that developed the project The reef of Silence. Just take a close look at the detail of the drawings. They speak from themselves, I would say!

Paola Bonini
A thinker! With a perspective on the new media, how we relate with the digital interfaces, mixed reality, faster connectivity, data, you name it and she’s on it!

Now you know for sure that your projects are in good hands!
See you all next week!!