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Technology is everywhere. Its involvement in our world changes across the lifespan.
Our digital lives seem to know no bounds with every aspect of the way we live today having a virtual dimension should we choose it.
Join us while we explore some of the ways researchers are applying different technologies as we age. We’ll dive into how technology can be used both as we live and as we die.
Are you ready for the future of death?

1. Death-tech and the future of death – exploring what it means to live and die
This article explores the tech advances and how they may make remembering those who’ve passed on far easier or even allow us to cheat death altogether.

2. What on earth is a death cafe?
A chat about life’s end over coffee and cake doesn’t sound like everyone’s cup of tea. But could it be a way to get people talking about a subject we can’t escape and is often avoided?

3. How Technology and Social Media Are Transforming Rituals Around Death
Rituals are an undeniable feature of human social existence which reflect the human experience. What’s fascinating to see, is how technology is coming to shape new norms and giving rise to a new set of rituals (and by extension traditions.).

4. Death and Technology in the Millennial Age
Teresa Lee shares her experience of losing someone dearest and the role of technology in it.

5. What happens to your online life after you die?
Have you thought about your digital legacy? After death who would have the complicated job of identifying and sorting out your intangible assets? Check this quick guide on this subject.

6. Disrupting death: Technologists explore ways to digitize life
New technologies are opening the door to near-everlasting life as well as a myriad of ethical and philosophical questions. Technologists are working on a variety of ways to avoid death — including uploading your brain to a computer. Feeling curious? Take a look at this article.

7. How technology has changed the definition of death
Our understanding of the natural world is filled with estimates, guesses, and predictions based on a shifting landscape of technology used to measure what’s around us. This video from VOX overlooks that as technology has changed, the definition of “death” has shifted over the centuries.

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