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A new competition has started and that means a lot of new content to nurture your minds!
This time the subject is LEARNING and the big question is: what will be the University of the future?

The university is intended as a space of higher education, training, and teaching on all levels and disciplines. Space mediates our thinking and is a vehicle for our objectified thoughts; it both shapes and is shaped by practice.

So, are you guys ready to Learn more about this subject?

1. Bring on the learning revolution!
I can’t think of a better way to start the conversation than to watch this TED Talk from Sir Ken Robinson, where he makes the case for a radical shift from standardized schools to personalized learning — creating conditions where kids’ natural talents can flourish.

2. What will universities of the future look like?
This article sheds a glimpse on this subject.

3. ‘back to school’ season inspires our top 10 educational spaces in this edition of readers radar
Since the architect of an educational space has a direct influence on young, developing minds, designboom shares this 10 inspiring spaces.

4. Future Learning Spaces in Schools: Concepts and Designs from the Learning Sciences
Yotam Hod provides formative knowledge for designers of future learning spaces in his article.

5. Universities undergo “quiet revolution” as they switch to open-plan learning
Dezeen shares a report from Haworth that points out “there’s absolutely no point in innovating a space unless you actually innovate in the learning and teaching approach”.

6. Classroom Design Principles for an Increasingly Online World
From HUFFPOST, an article that considers the critical role of physical space in the broader context of new pedagogies, new technologies, and the growth in online teaching and learning models will enable education institutions to adapt more quickly, and help keep their bricks and mortar campuses relevant.

7. Forms of Learning Spaces
For a more dense reading on this subject, a chapter that outlines different forms of learning spaces, and examines the relationship between different kinds of learning spaces and the impact one may have on another.
Have you guys noticed the amazing JURY that we invited specifically for this competition?

– With a strong experience in project, Astrid Piber partner and Senior architect at UNSTUDIO, with several projects in the educational field.

– With a great academic background, Arjen Wals Professor of Transformative Learning for Socio-Ecological Sustainability at Wageningen University in The Netherlands. He also holds the UNESCO Chair of Social Learning and Sustainable Development. You can watch a short introduction to his area of concern and interest.

– Prue Chiles combines academic and practice. She’s a Professor of Architectural Design Research and Acting Director of Architecture at Newcastle University and Director of Chiles Evans + Care Architects. Between all the projects, we stand out the Ballifield Classroom of the Future.

Feeling inspired? Want to impress our jury? All you need to know about the competition procedures, you can find it on our page.
Share your ideas with us and let’s think of the future of LEARNING together!!
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