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From a more fictional point of view, what is your knowledge of zombies?
Do you believe that one day the dead will walk among us? Or is it too much of fiction for you to believe?
Would we need a cemetery if this was a real scenario?
Bring on the popcorns as we dive into this subject!!

1. History of Zombies
Are zombies real? Unlike many other monsters—which are mostly a product of superstition, religion, and fear— zombies have a basis in fact, and several verified cases of zombies have been reported from Haitian voodoo culture.

2. 10 Things We Know So Far About Zombies, According To TWD
Remember the series The Walking Dead? Zombies were nothing new when the show was unleashed upon the world, but it definitely added to the genre. Here is a full class of 10 topics we’ve learned from the series.

3. Diagnosis Zombie: The Science Behind the Undead Apocalypse
From a more scientific point of view: “They’re not real” according to Dr. Steven Schlozman. Here we are to show you the full interview.

4. The Evolution Of The Zombie
An interesting article from Dani Di Placido for Forbes explains the evolution of this phenomenon.

5. The Cultural Significance of Zombies in Contemporary Society
Does this concept of undead represent our fears? Sean P. Robson shares his thoughts on what zombies represent in our society.

6. The Zombies among us – Exploring the resurgent popularity of zombies in modern culture
What might explain this resurgent zombie popularity? Is there some deeper meaning or cultural significance to be found? Here is an article to answer some questions.

7. The apocalypse worth spreading, or how to survive a zombie attack
In case you are concerned on how to survive, you can always watch the TEDTalk from the Zombie “expert” Herman Geijer.

8. The 21 Best Zombie Movies of All Time
We couldn’t say goodbye without sharing a full list of the best Zombie movies. Grab your popcorns and get inspired!

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