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You must be bitting your nails at this point! Yes, it has come the time that we announced the winners of our competition GOT: Architecture XXI century.
With no further due, you can check the WINNER and HONORABLE MENTIONS.
But now that we mentioned it, what was your favourite scene of the tv show?

1. Game of Thrones: The Best Scenes by Season
For your inspection and discussion: the best scenes from each of the 7 seasons.

2. Unseen Westeros
44 artists from all over the world came together to bring the routes of Westeros into life. The result is an exhibition and you can have a peek right now! Prepare to be blown away and check all the info regarding the exhibition.

This time, we come with a shorter newsletter but you shouldn’t underestimate us. We sure are working hard on the coming surprises!

See you all next week!!