Hi there!!

It is that time of the year when we have the pleasure to announce that the CALL FOR MATERIALS is out.
As we said before, DYING is the last competition of this series, therefore this will be the last book in this format.

What are you waiting for? Don’t you just stand there!! Go ahead and read all the detail and submit your contribution! You know how we love to have our minds blown away!

I’ll make it simple for you: whether it’s an Essay, Infographic, Photo essay or Illustration. You name it! We want you all to be part of this big discussion!
If you didn’t have the chance to send your project, this is your last opportunity to share your ideas and be part of the book! Send it to and it will be my pleasure to reach out to you!

Also, the evaluation process of the competition DYING is taking longer than expected due to the high number and quality of the submitted designs… but fear not! The book DYING and Re-DRAW will come out in January as expected.

Last but not least, we’ve always had this urge to share with you our most interesting findings on the internet. This week is no different, so here you have it:

1. Question Architecture
A platform to challenge the contemporary definition of what it means to be an architect.

2. Architecture Professor Explains Why Malls Are Dying
The 1980’s nostalgia and sci-fi show Stranger Things returns for season three with a new setting: The Starcourt Mall. WIRED’s Emily Dreyfuss talks with architecture professor Ellen Dunham-Jones about mall culture and the fate of dead malls. Hint, zombies.

3. Architect Breaks Down 5 TV Houses from Mad Men, That ’70s Show & More
What can we learn about suburban architecture from the way it’s represented in pop culture?

See you all next week!!