Hi there!!

How are you all feeling after Halloween? Did you went trick or treat?
After going through this crazy time of the year, this newsletter it’s a way to remind you of a couple of things.
Here are our treats for you:

FIRST, don’t forget our COMMUNITY AWARD!!! There’s still plenty of time to help us by choosing the 3 projects to be included in the comming book.

SECOND, the CALL FOR MATERIALS is officially closed. Meaning that we will be working on the book for the next couple of months. But rest assured it will be finished and ready for you all on the beginning of next year.
Last but not least, we cannot help it. What would be a newsletter with no creative content? As usual, here are a couple of ideas to keep your minds busy this week:

1. Architecture that challenges your concept of reality
Enjoy the TED talk by Mark Foster Gage, an acclaimed architect and innovator. His pioneering design work fuses advanced technologies with philosophical speculation and interdisciplinary collaboration.

2. 56 Abandoned places around the world and the eerie stories behind them
Rotting, crumbling, or completely invaded by nature, abandoned buildings can be as creepy as they are fascinating.
From ancient ruins to mental hospitals that have been left to rot, here is a list of 56 abandoned buildings around the world and the history behind them.

3. 7 Architectural considerations that are shaping future cities

By 2050, the world’s population is expected to have exceeded 10 billion people, making overcrowded cities one of the most pressing issues of the present. Here are the architecture-related considerations that are shaping the discussion towards designing better cities.


That will be all for now.
As usual, see you all next week!!