Hi there!!

Tomorrow is D-Day. Yes, the winners of the DYING competition will be announced and soon we will have a lot of reasons to celebrate!
Meanwhile, have you ever wonder why we do what we do? Here are a couple of points that pretty much explain everything:

1. Competitions serve a larger purpose in architectural knowledge
As Pedro Guilherme defends in his article, competitions, in particular, international competitions, test architect’s capacities beyond controlled systems of social relations, comfort zones, age, gender or even expertizes, in a fast sublimation process.

2. Why open architecture competitions are good for Architects
Competition has been a defining characteristic of architecture for centuries. The power of an idea should never be taken for granted.  Even competitions aimed at purely generating “ideas” keep us on our toes and constantly thinking.

3. Architectural Competitions as Discursive Events
Magali Sarfatti Larson explains in her article why it is the open architectural competition that best illustrates the idiosyncrasies of architecture as a profession.

What about you? What makes you submit a project for a competition? Is it the creative process? The teamwork? The challenge?
Oh, wait! Before you go…You really wanna take part in the last book? We’ve got you covered. The CALL FOR MATERIALS in waiting just for your contribution!!

See you all next week!!