Hi there!

The 50 finalists of Learning – Alternative Designs for Universities have been selected and sent to our jurors who are now evaluating them.
As usual, it has been hard to decide which projects could make it. It was beautiful to see how hundreds of people from more than 50 countries thought and designed a possible University of the future!
While we wait for our brilliant jury to come to a much difficult decision, let’s continue to nurture those beautiful minds of yours!

1. Can I Still Do This Stuff? 3 Years of Learning
Meet Mike Boyd. A youtuber that makes videos documenting his process of learning stuff as quickly as he can. In this episode, he revisits some of the skills he has learned over the past three years to see if he can still do them.

2. 50 Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind!
Let’s not forget our Canadian friend Mattew Santoro (also known as “the knowledge whale”) and his most popular youtube series 50 Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind!

3. Smarter Every Day
Are you curious about the world around us? Check this youtube channel Smarter EveryDay that focus on exploring the world using science.

4. Today I found out
In a more dense way, Simon Whistler presents his youtube channel Today I found out, where he focuses on a specific theme per video.

Take your time to tour around this youtube channels and I guarantee you will learn something new in a very unique and funny way.

On our side, we will continue to keep you updated on the development of the Learning competition.
Parallel to that, we are developing some new challenges that we will share with you very soon!!
We did promise you that 2019 would bring many surprises so hold down to your seats!

See you all next week / year!