Art-it! - Non Architecture


Author: Jimena Garcia Mateo


A Post-it note (or sticky note) is a small piece of paper with a re-adherable strip of glue on its back, made for temporarily attaching notes to documents and other surfaces. However, is it just a piece of paper or can it be used beyond its original function?

Creativity is part of our nature, and as could not have been otherwise, post-its have been given many other uses beyond the original purpose they were designed for. Among them, there have been many examples of colorful mosaics and structures made entirely by post-it notes popping-up through these past years, leading to innovative and incredible pieces of artwork.


Mona Lisa by Shay Hovell

Color Coded 1

Color Coded 2

Color Coded 4

Color Coded 3

Color Coded by Rebecca Murtaugh

Deadline by Bang-Yao Liu



To Do by Illegal Art

Source of the pictures: Michael McDevitt’s Behance

Galeria Melissa 4

Galeria Melissa 1

Galeria Melissa 3

Galeria Melissa 2

Galeria Melissa 5

Galeria Melissa

Steve Jobs

Tribute to Steve Jobs at the Munich Apple Store in Germany

Source of the pictures: MacRumors

You can see how simple it would be to transform an austere space into a fun and creative environment, without going to huge expenses! Think outside the box, get a few extra hands and bring your own pieces of art to life – easy to put up, even easier to take down and they’ll give you blank office a bit of color, charm and humor. The possibilities are infinite!



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