BOREALIS - Non Architecture


TEAM: Alberto de Salvatierra (Mexican/American) – David Douglas (American)




Biometric Omni-REtail ALgorithm Interface System

#immersive #virtualreality #biometric #retail #cryptocurrency

The future of shopping is rapidly changing. Digital mega-retailers can offer convenience via millions of products online—presenting almost infinite options. On another spectrum, augmented reality applications provide consumers with accessible customization and immersive experiences. And lastly, the emergence of cryptocurrencies—decentralized online banking systems—provide total anonymity for its users while democratizing the most entrenched systems of capitalism. B.O.-RE.AL.I.S., or Biometric Omni-REtail ALgorithm Interface System, aims to brings these together—convenience, customization and anonymity—to radically transform the next generation of retail experiences. An online, virtual reality platform, B.O.-RE.AL.I.S. is an infinitely large user-built universe that allows consumers to make, tinker and assemble products of their own making while supporting bold risk-taking and impactful problem-solving. In an age characterized with hazardous environmental indeterminacies and increasing geopolitical fragmentation, civilization will turn inward—towards virtual worlds—to seek safety, sanity and solutions. B.O.-RE.AL.I.S. anticipates this societal evolution, and provides an outlet for consumers to either buy their own virtual fantasy or fight for their physical reality.

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