UTube - Non Architecture


TEAM: Matteo Gawlak, Micol Zucchini, Italian – Politecnico di Milano




#uTube #uPod #buynetcity #archinetwork #internetarchitecture

Buynet city, 2030. Never before man has been so explicitly recognized as the true protagonist and placed with determination at the center of the purchase, linked only on shopping online. Subject and object at the same time of a philosophical and almost metaphysical research about his place and his role in the buying network. Thus was born u_Tube, a new shopping experience which combines Internet-architecture with its connections that are no longer virtual, but real and tangible. Live on the web is the aim.

How to do it?

I’m tubin’ it

User, through his device, buys quickly his goods online and shows them to the network: the city that surrounds him.

Just tube it

Tubes are the rides through which manipulate and shape the space at will. Everything that happens on the net is immediately perceived from outside and vice versa. The city becomes a uid panorama made up of moving images, brands and advertisements that constantly change the aesthetic of the city.

u_Tube. What else?

As the city, even architecture on itself is an advertisement. u_Pod, becomes thus the phygital aspect of the project, a place where people buy online or pick up immediately their goods.

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