⌘ - Non Architecture


Hugo Dardenne, French, Brazilian

Camille De Noray, French

Camille Lot, French


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


Pipe : swipe it have it







Pipe is your new home center. The entire production is getting inside your house. All consumables are available immediately. Buying is so simple thanks to this optimized logistic in each dwelling. When you need something (or you don’t), a simple swipe on your phone triggers a complex chain reaction.

Autonomous drones carry the merchandise goods from the big box — a superarchitecture without content — to the Pipe: an elegant and functional tube. Once delivered by the Pipe, enjoy it and swipe for something else. The illusion is perfect: home has become a small factory.

You get everything home, regardless to the production means, transport networks, ecological footprint, and consequences on the large scale territory. The city is now a neutral surface whithout any specific pole of attraction, mostly composed by housing, office buildings and factories. Consumerism definitely entered in the private space. Pipe is the parcel locker which replaced the fireplace : “Eau et gaz à tous les étages” now including the Pipe.


As the new totem for shopping religion, chrome-plated swallowing barrels aim to heaven.

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