Agora Nova - Non Architecture

Agora Nova

TEAM: Sophie Barks, Sam Coulton – British – UCL


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


The High Street as Digital Ruin

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Our high streets are forever changed. Progress has led to the availability of domestic rapid 3D production for the masses. Whilst downloading your FÄRGRIK tableware direct is convenient, cheap and easy; artisanal products and emerging designs are still sought IRL. To touch, to feel and to glean a sense of the object is vital in this new ethereal state.

Agora Nova allows the digital flâneur to happen upon unique, one off pieces of homeware, jewelry and furniture in a physical environment reminiscent of the trading places of history: the bazaar, the arcade, the agora among others. Designed as complex twisting geometry, only made possible through digital construction techniques.

Once found, the savvy shop goer 3D-scans their chosen item, whisking their unique digital copy home like a magpie to its nest, laden with immaterial objet d’art for licensed, 3D printed reproduction at leisure.

Of course both pay-as-you-scan and subscription plans are available for the privilege…

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