E-MAGAZINE - Non Architecture


TEAM: Christina Mytilinaiou / Greek / Architect


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


The new Android






E-magazine is a device that has on its right view slots for inserting slides that will act as screens. The slides can be of any size, even pocket size, so the user can have it everywhere. In order for the user to have a 3D display, the device must be charged. The user by touching the object or the service he wants in its 2D dimension and having pressed the Menu key can have a 3D representation of the object or service he has chosen with its characteristics. Then in 3D, the user can zoom in/zoom out on the object, rotate it and modify it (e.g. change color). The device allocates connector for charger as well as connector and scanner for an intact cash transaction with the debit or credit card of the user. Finally, linking the e-magazine to any other device (e.g. computer) the user can download any version of any magazine and upgrade at any time. Screen slides are automatically updated with new material. E-magazine offers a new dimension in the way of buying, immediate and fast purchases.

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