Ermes - Non Architecture


TEAM: Sofia Hosszufalussy – Gloria Mariotti – Italian


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


The global shop at the human scale


#ermes #trade #trickery #global #local



Ermes is the god of trade and trickery, of boundaries and the transgression of boundaries.

Ermes is the patron of the merchants and the thieves, of herdsmen and travelers.

Ermes is the infrastructure for trading, the one and continuous chain of shops that crosses the territory and allows the network of people, goods, money.

Vertical elements mark the territory: you can rest at their base or climb their section because what you have in your pocket has no value for Ermes, but you can change it at the higher level.

You: reseller, traveler, thief or wanderer, cross the landscape, at the same time vast and homogeneous from above, detailed and diverse from the inside, following a unique path. Global as it serves the whole territory, local as the particular soil that constitutes its floor.

A rhythm of poles is together backdrop and structure of the continuous ground floor where the social, the cultural and physical friction takes place.

Someone in a hurry hits you while your attention is caught by the fish just displayed on a low table. You see it, smell it, feel it. You are there. Double tap. You are home.

The global shop at the human scale.

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