dë Lit™ - Non Architecture

dë Lit™

TEAM: Name : Abhaya Purushottam Rajani – Nationality : Indian


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


Earth provides enough to satisfy every human’s needs,

but not every human’s greed.

-Mahatma Gandhi

What happens when every drop of your own sweat towards the better world becomes

the currency to buy what you NEED?

What happens when there is no raw material to produce or factories to pollute?

What happens when dump yards become landscapes of dreams?

What happens when the products take birth to blossom and die in hope of reborn?

What happens when Utopia becomes a reality?



dë Lit™ :

The creation does not do mining or destroy the trees to fulfill massive avarice because there is nothing left but the hope of inventing the tomorrow in which we want to live.

Please note: dë Lit™ will be provided to every citizen of this world by UNESCO Ltd.

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