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Eye & Seek


Man Hin LEUNG (Hong Kong Chinese)

Ka Wai TSUI (Hong Kong Chinese)


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


Shop something in your mind

#eye tracking

#shop you mind

#shopping bot

#big data

#look for you

Hard to search your favor items? Getting few options and limited time?

Register to Eye & Seek, our system records your eyes activities and messaging it to a data set. Get the best choices based on your tastes. We are getting to observe your preferences and suggest the best to you.

Now, Trust Your Eyes.


Your eyes must get busy on once you walking along in the city.

Tiny floating trackers, with a 360 degree camera, travel around business districts and to capture everything you have watched. They starting to record your visual movement- clothing in boutiques, food advertisements, pedestrians’ accessories… Eye & seek collect and analyze your body signal such as focusing time, interested categories for searching the best to our dearest customers.

It’s all about an optical connection.


Full load of your fancy products in our drone will send to you for your selection- the latest notebook model, the limited edition handbags… Whatever, Whenever, Wherever. To own your favor, just a simple act, wipe your credit card; then the purchased will be delivered to your home and be hand-free.

Meet Eye & Seek.

Let’s Shop something in your mind.

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