Hacker, the anthropologist - Non Architecture

Hacker, the anthropologist


Hugo Lopez


Laboratory of Urban Studies (LeU, UFRJ)


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


The hacker’s quest is to know the most internal aspects of systems, to then modify, subvert or even extrapolate the limits of the intended operation. The anthropologist studies space as a context of interactions. This hacker-anthropologist-(non)architect proposes that people can park their motorhome and enjoy the goods and services that are obtained locally with the mall. It’s an absolute freedom being “stuck” to the comfort of local facilities. Somehow, the shopping experience provided a nomadic and local lifestyle.


A small tower providing basic infrastructure is designed for the parking lot. If we heard that parking lots are “non-places”, here the motorhome is about inhabiting the movement. In the very instability of the conditions we live, is dwelling a trace of resistance even if we dwell in our physical cluster of shopping experience?


This scenario problematizes the subjection of bodies to the consumption logic and the relation of the architect with structures of power that enable his action and uses a breach in the system to imagine current and future conditions for the shopping experience, the mall and the large areas they occupy (example: BarraShopping, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) understanding that the other ways of living can occur.







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