Ikea Life Itself - Non Architecture

Ikea Life Itself

TEAM: Lealla Solomon – Nationality: Israel – University: TAU, Tel Aviv University, Azrieli School of Architecture


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition


The intensification of a global brand.

#Ikea #Corporation #Globalization #City #Lifestyle


‘I shop therefore I am’ is the quintessential assumption of this project. Consumption defines society, determines identities, creates public spaces and dominates our daily life. In contemporary society the structure of daily life is defined by patterns of consumer behavior. Every activity is linked to a buying action all wrapped neatly in the mixed use building typology. We go to our doctor through the mall, we live above the shopping boulevard and we ride the train through a field of kiosks and cafés.

In the same time, as we sanctify the mixed use typology, we enjoy the comfort of global branding. Global corporations are redefining the concept of the product, they don’t just sell you a pair of shoes or a bed, they sell a life style. Penetrating their way into every aspect of life, Ikea is the precise physical example of that. As one looks at Ikeas progression in consumer society we can predict its infinite growth into every aspect of daily life.

‘Ikea- Life Itself’, imagines a hyper realistic life where we live, work, learn, eat and consume in Ikea. This model of consumption creates an exaggerated mixed use building where consumption and lifestyle dominate life forever.

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