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Question Architecture is a growing platform that has just released its first project ‘Out of Nothing!’ with architect & artist Ola-Dele Kuku.

What is the role of the architect in the 21st century?
Should architects be more involved in the social sciences?

How does language, politics, intangible structure, and the medical profession play a role in influencing architecture?

“Architecture is not restricted to buildings, there is always this misconception that it is only related to physical buildings. The affiliation to the built environment by the individual is manifested by means of subjective analytic translation of experiences, actions, and endeavour which in turn reveals a behavioural response and attitude towards that environment. Society is a system – a ‘Social System’ and we learn from the study of physics that disorder in a ‘System’ always increases with time. There are several forces that hold a society together, and bringing these forces in equilibrium is bound to the principles of how things work. With social structure, for example, you have a city like London and you have an area called Westminster and then you have the East End. These areas have two different lifestyles in terms of social structure. It is what I always describe as a ‘Social Set-Up’”.

“Out of Nothing!” is an insight towards how we can re-think the way we see and create architecture. Looking into the mind of architect and artist Ola-Dele Kuku, the book focuses on the contemporary phenomenon of socio-cultural conflict as a global trend. It discusses the importance for collective academic research programmes between the arts and social sciences, and the application of architectural design in conflict prevention and post-conflict rehabilitation.

Out of Nothing! is available as an e-book and as a hard copy on the Question Architecture website.

IG: @questionarchitecture

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