MEMORY - Non Architecture


TEAM: B.M. Tahammul Kabir – Bangladesh – BUET


-FINALIST of BUYING Competition




noun: memory; plural noun: memories

the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information


At this point of existence, we are optimized to perform habitual behavior rather than live our lives. Non places are the junk spaces that are left overs that people often ignore due to limited expectations. Space holds essence of time and its context in forms of formal and informal events. These events create memory.

The booming e-markets which is the possible future of buying creates an absence of an actual space that challenges one of the basic idea of a market place, to socialize and connect, depriving six senses that creates gray memories. The idea of market is transforming into a non-place. The augmented / automated cloud-markets and visuals resonates the death of physicality of the products and people.

Current food networking and supply chain has created a loophole for wastage and uneven distribution. Lack of proper monitoring or efficient redistribution system, arrests the community with food insecurity.

Can a consumer grow their own food as per need? Can s/he earn our food as well as values that reconnect us with the ecology, economy and community? Can Buying create and connect memories?

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