The Shower Effect - Non Architecture

The Shower Effect


TEAM: Andrea Bojkovska, Aleksandra Stankovic
Macedonian, Serbian
Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Milano




Why do our best ideas come in the shower?

All the great ideas (such as this one) come in the shower.

It’s a small, safe place where you are comfortable. Strange as it sounds, your brain is not most active when you’re focused on a task. Research shows it’s more active when you let go and change the environment or do something relaxing.

So why don’t we meet in the shower and have business meetings or branstormings?

You think it is not possible? Our concept says different.

Imagine that you have your home office which looks like a shower cabin, but has all the things you need while working – privacy, natural light, library.

You don’t need to hit the snooze button on your alarm clock anymore in order to get up 1 hour earlier so you wouldn’t be late because of the morning traffic madness.

Imagine that if you need to meet your colegues, your cabin can fly and merge with theirs on any locaiton you imagine – on the river bank, on the beach, on a rooftop, in the park.

Then, imagine that this concept of self-sustainable mobile work ‘cabin’ solves the polution and commuting problems – the city is green, car-free with underground public transport.

Now, stop imagining and ‘take a shower’.

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