KX-VR - Non Architecture


Name: Justin Lau
Nationality: Hong Kong
Name: Seun Keshiro
Nationality: British
Name: Bogomil Punchev
Nationality: Bulgarian




Over the last decade, the city of London has continued to grow as an international business cluster, with its working population increasing at unprecedented rates. Predominantly the growth has taken place in the so-called ‘millennial industries’, where dynamic collaboration and mobile working are an essential for the businesses’ to function. Despite the transition in working and communication methods of these industries, the established office typologies haven’t adequately reflected the working needs of the average millennial industry employee.


The disused network of phone boxes across London presents an opportunity to reinvent an iconic piece of heritage, whilst creating an office typology which is responsive to the needs of millennial industries and remove the limitations of interaction within the physical world. By being reinvented as a smart micro office space, the iconic K2 phone box would reinterpret its original purpose of communication, while facilitating virtual collaborative interactions through a seamless set of experiences, made possible with carefully considered hardware and interfaces, all integrated within the K2’s shell.


Much like the then revolutionary act of calling anyone from anywhere, we propose an installation which enables you to work with anyone from anywhere.

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