Locus Intelligentes - Non Architecture

Locus Intelligentes


TEAM: John Nguyen (Canadian)
Abubaker Bajaman (Canadian)
Stephen (Seung Won) Baik (Canadian)
Company: Studio RAWR
Institutions: University of Toronto _ John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Design




What if Artificial Intelligiences can solve all our problems such as Creativity reduction, layout efficiency and practicality ?

Creativity reduction: Workers become accustomed to a certain type of office layout overtime where they always go to the same spot for breaks, see colleagues, water cooler etc…., this in the long span can reduce the effectiveness and health of employees. Always seeing and repeating the tasks for the rest of their lives gets boring and people just get bored, stiffing creativity and imagination.

Desk distancing: The desk spacing between each unit is typically indefinitely arranged into cubicles where job specific employees that need to talk to each other are often placed far apart and unoptimized. Even if they are optimized, different phases in a firm may require the meeting between different people through the phases.

Practicality: Spaces in all offices are not always used to their maximum potential and can see little or no use most of the time. Like inoffice libraries, or hot-desks, etc..

Our idea is that desk are interchangeable and moveable. Everything is controlled by artificial intelligence that records peoples stages of work and when certain people need to be clustered together. A series of curtains make the spaces but are moveable themselves.

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