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Appropriate Distractions

TEAM: Sharon Tsoi, Fu Pang, Hauen Tsai – Hong Kong




With new forms of working, new forms of distraction follows by. Without a controlled balance between work and distraction, we tend to get distracted without knowing it. When we are focused and in a state of deep thought, we start to repress our other senses. The current office either sterilizes these sense (e.g. traditional offices) or distracts us with an overwhelming sensory overload (e.g. playground as office), we are trying to find the middleground.

Realizing the importance of providing a space for concentrated and productive thinking at the office, we propose a logic for organizing the workspace. By zoning them with different appropriate distractions, we are allowed to enter these zones and gain our focus back.

Each zone will focus on stimulating one sense, the zones will be further separated into 3 stages.

Example: Auditory Zone

Subtle distractions – Background noise, office chatter, playing music

Moderate distractions – listening to podcast, watching youtube

Complete distractions – playing musical instruments

The office could customize these zones based on their worker’s preference, they could be organized in terms of an office layout or as personal as a desk planning.

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