The city and the office a lost connection - Non Architecture

The city and the office a lost connection

TEAM: Roxana Palade, Cristina Ciosa, Dragos Mircea Nistor
Nationality: Romanian
Institution: Archikiddos




The answer to your office anxiety lies with your baker.
The relationship between people and their office environment is flawed due to personal
preferences and habits. Some find it too cold or noisy, while others enjoy the fuss of the open
plan. While trying to provide for the overwhelming complexity of human needs, it is now
getting obvious there is no single answer. Some companies go a long way to create complex
buildings with leisure space, eating, child care, and even vast green areas, all combined with
working spaces, in order to offer environments suited for any individual. This is in fact creating
a complex community inside the walls of the corporate office building. We propose office
buildings comprised solely of teamwork spaces, while individual work should be mixed
between the existing functions of the neighborhood. If one prefers silence, why not have work
places rented in the public library? Need to be close to your child? Maybe kindergartens and
schools can have office rooms for young parents. Restaurants, museums, parks, and even
sports facilities can host places for individual retreat, allowing workers to choose what fits
their needs best. In this way, the active work force stays connected with service providers,
contributing to the social life of the city.

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