The Tower of Love - Non Architecture

The Tower of Love

TEAM: Lars Jørgensen and Lise Sakariassen, Aalborg University, Denmark




Did you lose your job due to technological advancements? Don’t sit at home and sob. Join us and get a cozy office and a job that you will literally love. At the Tower of Love your job will simply be to do the one thing robots will never be able to. You guessed it: LOVE!

Researchers have successfully converted the power of love into electricity and are now presenting the next disruptive technology within renewable energy: the Love Cap. Do the things you love, with the ones you love -as you make a living.


This technology will be the new typology for the most successful businesses. Firms that once replaced their employees with artificial intelligence, will now again consider humans as a vital resource. The Love Cap will harvest and distribute human information and energy to the tech offices, where it will be used for a higher purpose.

You may wonder what the energy and information is used for, but does it matter? – you have a job, and it is a job you love.

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