ViaWork 2050 - Non Architecture

ViaWork 2050

TEAM: Karolina Kielb and Iman Mohd-Hadzhalie




A high volume of commuters spend hours travelling to work, with the average commute being 54 minutes, one way. The commute puts a strain on the number of people entering city centres as well as increasing the demand for office spaces, that could otherwise be utilised for housing.

The concept of ViaWork is inspired by the advancement of self driving cars and public transport. We propose a different take on transport – one that serves as a mobile office.

With ViaWork, you manage your time and route. You begin and end work whenever you please, and whenever works best for you. Doctor appointments, school pick ups and grocery shopping, can be slotted into your working day as extra pin locations. This allows for a greater work-life balance for its users and therefore, happier and more efficient workers.

Gone are the days of cramped commutes and transport delays – simply step outside of your house and work, via work.

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