The Camping Hill: "Delightfully Seperated" - Non Architecture

The Camping Hill: “Delightfully Seperated”


Name: José Daniel Picado García

Nationality: Costa Rican

Institution / Company: MALAFORMA


Name: Irena Fonseca Alvarado

Nationality: Costa Rican

Institution / Company: MALAFORMA




Among mountains and tropical air, sixteen tiny but brightly-colored tents are given to those with adventurous spirits, those who are comfortable without walls and with open skies. These forty humans live the complete camping expirience, takind advantage of the openness, despite, or maybe due to, the new social-distancing reality.


Grouped in twelve two-person tents (Type A) and four four-person tents (Type B), each tent has: a full bathroom, an exterior kitchen, storage space, a bedroom (or two), balconies and a set of ladders. The inhabitants of The Camping Hill can eat seating in chairs, or sometimes —most of the time— in picnics, feeling the grass as they sunbathe in the garden. In The Camping Hill domesticity lightens and changes as the inside and the outside whisks together, and whereas the tents swirl around the stairs-hill, shared spaces are made possible, so the campers can grow vegetables, do some “distanced yoga” or maybe a separated once-in-a-month bonfire.
Amid the tiny home-tents, the gardens, and the multiple colors, the forty campers build a new way of being neighbors, delightfully separated.


#Household_Organization, #Cohabitation_&_Relationships, #Mental_&_Physical Health, #Nature_&_Environment, #New Lifestyles

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