In Symbiosis - Non Architecture

In Symbiosis


Name: Gizem Karagoz

Nationality: American

Institution / Company: Columbia University GSAPP


Name: Lucia Song

Nationality: American / Canadian

Institution / Company: Columbia University GSAPP




Prior to COVID-19, housing value in New York City was driven largely by access to external resources, rather than a home’s finite square footage. How, then, can these domestic spaces better accommodate urban dwellers who rely heavily on them during quarantine? This project imagines a housing model in which the true potential of a home is achieved through its lived-in use—where value is created through a symbiotic relationship between the building and its users. The form’s spatial potential is maximized through an adaptable sloped module that allows the building to grow and accommodate different living conditions required by different user groups, including families with children who are learning remotely, professionals working from home, essential workers, and those with health risk factors. Activation of the slopes generates additional square footage, creating shared balconies, inclined vegetation gardens, operable walls that expand the interior, and more. These new spatial opportunities, along with the community roof garden, facilitate safe social interactions and allow residents to build a sense of community. The growth of the building and simultaneous growth of the community increases residents’ quality of life: a more equitable, sustainable, and people-oriented indicator of the true value of a home.


#adaptable space #protected social interactions #self-sufficiency #community #household organization

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