Atlantis Dwellings - Non Architecture

Atlantis Dwellings


Name: Lena Ma

Nationality: Chinese Canadian

Institution / Company: Ryerson University




As repercussions of the pandemic and global warming affect our lives, Atlantis Dwellings aims to be an efficient solution by providing housing for immune-compromised people and the elderly. An Atlantis Dwellings housing block consists of housing pods, three conveyor belt structures and a central park floating on water. The boat-like housing pods consist of a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living space and can travel in the water individually, reducing the risk and need for public transportation. The local building typologies provided have a perimeter of tubes that attach to the central core of the pod, allowing for packages/food to be delivered safely to the residents’ homes. The pods are also vertically organized in the conveyor belt structure, providing a sense of identity while away from the mainland. The central park provides opportunity for residents to participate in recreational activities with their neighbourhood. Since Atlantis Dwellings is a sealed community during times of quarantine, residents can spend time with each other without fear. The centre of the block has a bauble that moves with the waters, connecting to a generator which sends energy to the conveyor belt structures, replenishing pods with electricity when attached. It is hopeful that Atlantis Dwellings makes the world a safer place without compromising the social and comfortable qualities of everyday life.


#New Lifestyles #Co-Habitation & Relationships #Hygiene & Preventing Contamination #Household Organization #Protected Social Interactions

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