The Tree Village - Non Architecture

The Tree Village


Name: Cristian Araya Quinteros

Nationality: Chilean

Institution / Company: Universidad de Concepcion


Name: Marisela Herrera Herrera

Nationality: Chilean

Institution / Company: Universidad de Concepcion




Pandemic forced us to isolate ourselves to prevent infection, making housing our safe place. For months, our option to go out and socialize has been restricted, being backyards, balconies, or windows the only connection with the outside. Lockdowns and low relation with nature caused significant physical and mental health problems.

We propose a safe and positive place for confinement; housing doesn’t have to be jail, but a space that allows numerous activities we would do outside, connecting with nature and keeping physical distancing with our neighbors.

“THE TREE VILLAGE” integrates basic neighborhood elements: park, sidewalk, front yard, and backyard, deconstructing common housing blocks. Ground level is meant to be for public, recreative and first need commercial functions. Sidewalk path rises creating a wide elevated walkways system keeping physical distancing. Height housing articulates as terraces resulting in visual and social interactions among neighbors. Rooftops work as small stages allowing collective activities and keeping positive and safe proximity.

Each unit is organized on stepped platforms making possible interconnected situations; it gives wideness and mitigates lockdown perception. The access is given by a sanitization platform, perceiving hygiene as the first preventive measure of infection.

The complex has 16 units in two types, for 2 or 3 inhabitants.


# Household organization # Portected social interactions # Mental & physical health # Nature & environment # Hygiene & preventing contamination


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