Nothing but flowers - Non Architecture

Nothing but flowers


Name: Francesca Del Vecchio

Nationality: Italian


Name: Giulia Rivellino

Nationality: Italian




During quarantine, being anywhere meant being everywhere. There were no boundaries. We were all together sharing different houses but living the same experience. We could feel the presence of our neighbour only knowing that he was there, right beyond the wall.
In pandemic time, we opened a lot of windows, to re-feel what it was like just to be OUTSIDE. We were staring at that only tree on the road, trying to breathe.

This housing block is an attempt to transmute these perceptions in something concrete.
That’s why we decided to mostly use transparent and translucid materials, enriched by the presence of plants. Each function is divided by different levels in order to offer a dynamic experience of spaces for every apartment. On the ground floor, there are the workspaces entirely in glass, to ensure a total immersion in the greenery. Upstairs there’s the purification space where one can be completely sanitized and storage clothes and provisions. All the other floors provide the essentials that one needs to live an inner and simple life, without feeling constantly detached by the world and other people during pandemic and isolating times.


#hygieneandpreventingcontamination #workfromhome #cohabitationandrelationships #natureandenvironment #newlifestyles

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