My Home Station - Non Architecture

My Home Station


Name: Sofía Peralta Carrión

Nationality: peruvian


Name: María Constanza Franco Duque

Nationality: colombian




The housing block is transformed according to the users that live in. The housing units are adaptable and offered to the user in a catalog of options. Myhomestation app will allow you to be part of the creation of your home. Choose how you want to live according to your own lifestyle.


The housing complex is prepared to support itself and contribute to a healthier way of life. The inner core distributes towards the housing units and contains a collective Kitchen Garden that is used by all residents, being able to feed their community during the emergency or to sell the products in the garden market so it can be shared with the neighborhood.


It is important that our residents have the possibility to use sustainable mobility with easy access and sanitary control, so there will be a bicycle station and recharging station for other eco-friendly transportation. The arrivals of delivery shipments are managed in a social distancing and sanitary controlled station for common use of residents.


In the middle of the desert is My Home station, a refuge habitat in a hostile landscape that appears as a metaphor for a situation of health threat like the one we are currently living in.


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