Antiseptic Social Club - Non Architecture

Antiseptic Social Club


Name: Haniya Karim

Nationality: Canadian, Pakistani

Institution / Company: Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art


Name: Mohadeseh Moein Shirazi

Nationality: British, Iranian

Institution / Company: School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University


-FINALIST of HEALING Competition


Welcome to the Antiseptic Social Club, a popup to be installed around the city, providing a standardised gateway into a socially distant sanitising experience. Humans are the main transmitters of infectious diseases. The aim is to provide public sanitation to create safer interactions upon entering public, semi-public and private enclosures.

The popups demonstrate the increased importance of lobbies, porches and underused threshold spaces since the pandemic, and subsequent hyper-awareness of hygiene. With the Antiseptic Social Club, these thresholds become a destination in their own right.

The Process:

The user enters the first arch for a temperature check. If the temperature is too high the robot claw bouncer quarantines them. If it is normal, they proceed.

The second arch dispenses a full body disinfectant mist and the user enters the tunnel where they can moonwalk on the disinfectant sponge to sanitise their feet.

The user approaches a gate which uses sensors ensuring all users are 2m apart before allowing into the next tunnel.

The third tunnel promotes the user to dispose of old masks and gloves and perform a rhythmic hand-wash.

The fourth tunnel dispenses new masks and gloves. Finally, the user celebrates on the dancefloor leading into the public space.


#PublicSpaceSanitation #NewThresholds #Hygiene #PreventingContamination #Popup

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