Non-Distancing - Non Architecture



Name: Ji Qi

Nationality: Chinese




Every person who has cravings is waiting for responses.


Connections, communications, freedom, desire of nature…


People start to realize how important these are when they really start to lose them.


Non-Distancing block aims to remove any distance between each other. It emphasizes the idea of “community” and “neighborhood”. Instead of isolating individually at home and staying with loneliness, I encourage everyone in this innovated block to gather and get closer.


No matter what group of people you belong to, no matter what requirements or desire you have for this society under the pandemic, you could all find positions in this Non-Distancing block.


The community could be “self-quarantined” by itself in order to avoid cross infection under the virus pandemic. During the self-circulated progress, the block could not only fulfill residents’ basic life needs, but also spiritual needs of interdependence and neighborhood bondage.


When the world is facing major infectious diseases, human beings have to lose something for the overall future development together.


However, hopefully some daily life emotions we gradually losing could be found back and awakened.
#Co-habitation & Relationships, #Loneliness, #Mental & Physical Health, #Work from Home, #Small Businesses

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