Appetite - Non Architecture


TEAM: Boyang Li – China – Penndesign, swa group


The restaurant of the moments

Got too much pressure from your work?

Been complained a lot by your partner?

Lost yourself in the struggle of life?

If you ever lost your appetite, come to the restaurant of the moments. Get out from office, home or traffic and have a walk! Feel the earth, landscape, texture of the nature and most importantly, yourself.

Take a look of the golden wheat fields, listen the movement of creeks, smell the fragrance of rain, feel the texture of a forest. We are bringing the special experience that recalling the town where you grew up, the bridge where you proposed to her, the snowing night when you spent with your family.

Our restaurant inspires the customers by sight, hearing, smelling, touching and imagining, help bringing back the customer’s appetite and find their deepest desire of food.