Balloon Dream - Non Architecture

Balloon Dream

TEAM: Zheng Cui, Siyang Yu – Gensler

Find Your Sleeping Space in the Sky
BALLOON DREAM is a floating hotel pod hanging on a hot air balloon, which is connected to a camping deck. Balloon comes down to ground every morning, and goes up during the night. Guests will experience a unique night sleeping in the sky. There are some basic functions inside the pod, such as sleeping space, mini bathroom and heating equipment, guests could use other amenities and facilities on the camping deck during daytime.

Sleeping in the pod is free but guests have to find its location with clues by answering a series of questions posted on the website. To answer questions, guests sometimes need to physically go to certain camping locations, and post their answers on the website and other social media. People arrived but posted wrong answers will get compensations and could enjoy other activities on the spot. Those locations are actually belong to BALLOON DREAM, so it’s good advertisement. Questions will continue until a final winner is selected.

The event continues and will appear at random locations across all over the world. Join us today and start your new journey.