BIO PRINTING - Non Architecture


TEAM: Ethan He – British – University of Sheffield

Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to you about a cinematic idea. To be able to print flesh straight onto the body was an old sci-fi technology, like in “starship troopers” a person was placed in a tank of green liquid while the hole in his leg was slowly being repaired.

With the advancement of 3D printing, this has become reality. The whole concept of printing is to apply material on top of a base. If we change the material into embryonic stem cell (ESC), and the base as a human leg, as EMC is the foundation of all cells in our body, it has a high adaptability to change / replace any cell in the body.

My proposal is a growing network, the ability to grow and to adapt to the needs of city or countries, a system that is simply just supplies meet demands. Looking at the sourcing and storing these materials.


My proposal also tries to reflect our society today – The value of life.

Yours Faithfully