CLOUD 5.0 - Non Architecture


TEAM: Anna Barbieri -Anna Hagen – Austria

A Skyscape of Factories

CLOUD 5.0 is a factory design for the new age, an industrial revolution yet to come. Throughout the past industrial revolutions, the smoke and clouds emerging from factory chimneys transformed from a physical to a digital symbol of progress: 1.0 – an industrial revolution based on water and steam; 2.0 production lines and conveyor belts; 3.0 computer-integrated manufacturing led to 4.0 integration of digital information and communication technologies. CLOUD 5.0 combines all previous achievements and inaugurates the manifestation of the metaphor. It is a factory travelling in the sky, constantly receiving, producing and distributing goods.

The operating system used is IPC – Idea Production Consumption. Based on environmental water cycles, ideas and concepts evaporate as creative mist into the atmosphere. CLOUD 5.0 collects these idea particles and integrates them in a continuous production line while transporting them to the places of demand.  The precipitation of produced goods distributes the products to the final consumer in any part of the world. Our globe will be spanned with physical factories that determine total availability.