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Competitive Workplace

TEAM: Kellen Brenchley, Dylan Cassidy – Canada – Field Division


Competitive Workplaces

Athletics vs. Finance in an Aggressive Market

Competitive Workplaces envisions the sports facility as a medium where investors are matched against one another in sport as a publicization of the archetypal trading floor.

Electronic trading has forced investors to become removed from the competitiveness of the stock exchange, where business was conducted in a central location in view of competing traders and clerks, analogous to sports stadiums.

In an alternate future, companies employ athletes in an acute form of sponsorship to compete for market value. But because performance is directly correlated with financial success, greed leads the athlete to become the broker, and the broker the athlete, assuming direct control over assets bought and sold.

Competitive Workplaces proposes the adaptation of disused sports facilities as financial centres for struggling post-sport economies in the aftermath of an Olympics or team relocation. Forgotten cities experience an increase in tourism as fans flock to observe the thrill of fluctuating stocks, while simultaneously witnessing Sidney Crosby score a goal.

Fuelled by competitiveness, investors slide-tackle rival CEOs, race against competing accounts managers, and body-check executives in order to manoeuvre within the market. The pleasure of watching humans matched in sport is only paralleled to that of watching humans destroy each other financially.