DRIFT - Non Architecture


TEAM: Chi-Kuan Im – Chinese – Politecnico di Milano – On-U Leong – Chinese – The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Industrial Revolution on the Sea

Dear Earth,

Greetings from Planet U. We wish to express disappointment to the design of building for manufacturing (which called ‘Factory’ in Earth). As a neighbour in the galaxy, we would like to advise you for a more intelligent future. Please find the attached images of our DRIFT system for reference.

As we have observed, human lives and fabricates products on lands (30% of the Earth’s surface), while using 70% consists of water for transportation only. DRIFT is to combine all the procedures, from raw material collection to retailing, with transportation, and make them happened on the sea. DRIFT saves lands and makes cities far from pollution. Furthermore, the strategy of ‘fabricating while transporting’ makes the production cycle much more efficient.

Every module of DRIFT consists of two parts – Production and Delivery sections. Robot arms on each side of Production section provide corresponding services for procedures. During the production cycle, Delivery sections transfer materials from one module to another, and multiply combine with different Production sections. Products from different countries can be processed at the same time, even they are transferring to different destinations.

We are confident DRIFT will raise the 4th Industrial Revolution in your history.

Planet U