ECO-FACT - Non Architecture


TEAM: Ho Yin CHUNG, Wing Kei SO – Hong Kong – Newcastle University

Factories that make a better world:

Factories consume the sacred natural resources.

Factories pollute the air, the soil and the ocean.

But they never contribute back to the nature, our planet.

Factories are actually derived from our unlimited wants. While factories are massively making products to fulfill our needs, our unlimited wants are actually destroying our planet. This is because people do not realise the ‘actual cost’ behind the mass production. We believe by changing the ways that people consume and contribute can lessen the damage to the environment and save our planet from our greedy wants.

We develop a factory called Eco-Fact which is not restricted in making physical goods and not restricted in finding technology to resolve the problem, but philosophically, how does the system of manufacturing change our values?

Here we offer people an experience to understand the how the price should be paid environmentally. In this factory, we only use our own currency which can be earned by green actions. For instance, planting trees, saving resources and reusing materials. We want people to understand that the amount of dollar on the price tag is fully covered the whole cost of the product in relation to the environment.

Money cannot compensate the pollution that we made to our planet and the non-renewable resources that we consume. We believe that if people understand the negative impacts which are contributed by the manufacturers and buyers, people will alert and be aware when buying goods and will reconsider when purchasing unnecessary goods.  By raising public awareness of consumption, we are taking one step forward to a greener and healthier world.