FACTORZ - Non Architecture


TEAM: Zuzanna Gąszczak (Poland) – Roberto Magnanini (Italy)

stackable manifacturing blocks for highly customized production

make make make
make the goods.

do you want to have something?
like from your imagination,
like from the shop,
like your neighbours have,
like you have seen somewhere,
like you have never seen before?

have you missed the opportunity to buy it?
was it too expensive?
or looking too cheap?
was it not existing till now at all?

in every city,
or a village,
on the ground
standing is a unique factory of the future days
the personal one
where the idea takes place

modular cubes in towers
processing materials
producing from the thought,
the idea
the final product in parts
to fit in a box, from the box, post box, car box,
your home.
every time you need you can produce what you need.


from the idea to the product
through the personal factory
composed of cubes stacked
vertically to fit the process
led only by machines used to
produce what you want & need.
every time the set of machines
changes composing the process
for the particular products
wanted and ordered by you